Our Coffee is supplied by Rave Coffee

Our Coffee

We are very lucky to work so closely with our local roasters RAVE Coffee based in Cirencester. They allow us to deliver an exquisite espresso that also complements the smoothest of latte. Beans are freshly ground for our coffee by our state of the art on-demand Rancilio Grinder.

RAVE works amongst farmers globally to ensure that they source their coffee responsibly and achieve the best quality raw product possible. Green coffee beans are then batch tested in house before being roasted in the most environmentally friendly commercial roaster. RAVE offers both single origin coffee as well as new blends created with their expertise.

Coffee is a seasonal commodity and therefore the range of coffee beans that RAVE have to offer us is forever changing, particularly with the single origins, and as a result we have the absolute pleasure of constantly dropping in for a taste of what is new!

Our close relationship with RAVE means we buy our coffee according to our events. This means we use the beans as close to the resting period as possible, when the flavours and quality are optimum.

Our current bean is the Signature Blend (medium/dark roast) – smooth and full-bodied coffee with caramel and chocolate undertones and a lingering aftertaste.

Our Drinks Menu

  • Latte – one part espresso, two parts steamed milk with a touch of froth
  • Cappucino – equal ratios of espresso, steamed and frothed milk
  • Flat White –  ristretto shot with micro-foamed steamed milk
  • Americano  – double espresso extended with hot water served black or white
  • Chai Latte – non-caffeinated sweet spiced mix served with steamed milk
  • Macchiato – double espresso with a touch of froth
  • Mocha – hot chocolate with a shot of espresso
  • Hot chocolate – choice of Green and Blacks or for a sweeter variation, Cadburys
  • Tea – selection of Tea Pigs pyramids

Make it your own with soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, an extra shot or flavoured syrups.